Feather and Bone - Episode 54

Feather and Bone Episode 54 

Another podcast where we just ramble about nothing at all. 

RavenWynd has some pretty well thought out fantasies. Rain talks about some of her favorite adult themed pastimes. Its never fun to make fun of someone who can clap back 0-100. Rain cursed her cooking and RavenWynd was an innocent bystander. RavenWynd has connections in a dark underworld...but its not what you think. Rain is NOT interested in being involved in you torrid love affair. RavenWynd laughs at your vintage tarot cards. Rain and RavenWynd reminisce about their days working in the trenches of child welfare...its not that we think we're better than others, we just have higher standards. RavenWynd has a real beef to pick with USPS.  

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