Understanding Timelines and The Butterfly Effect

Understanding Timelines and The Butterfly Effect  

“Time is an illusion.”
Albert Einstein


“When can I expect to meet the love of my life?”

“How much longer am I going to be stuck in this job?”

Ah, timelines…we all want to know not only what the future holds, but when we can expect it. Timelines are perhaps one of the trickier aspects of psychic ability. Some psychics will be dead on 100% of the time, some will say they can not give an accurate timeline for events at all. That difference has nothing to do with ability or skill. Sometimes there are circumstances or events that can cloud what a psychic can see of the future.

We are all connected by universal energy, it is through those connections that timelines can get tricky.

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? A butterfly flaps its wings in New York and there is a tornado in Kansas. Now we all know that the butterfly itself didn’t cause the tornado, that’s just an oversimplified example to illustrate the idea behind the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory in general. Edward Lorenz (1917–2008) was a mathematician and a meteorologist who while working on weather prediction accidently entered the wrong decimal number into his calculations, he entered 0.506 instead of 0.506127. Those three missing digits would be infinitesimal in any other situation, but Lorenz discovered that they had huge implications on how weather was predicted. He was able to prove that even knowing the starting conditions of weather patterns, there were any number of small things that could change the ultimate outcome of the weather.

That is why timelines are so hard to accurately predict. There are any number of things that could or would change the ultimate outcome of your timeline. Things that are not predictable because they are spur of the moment, any number of decisions that you make daily, the decisions of those around you, and fate itself. Not just your fate, but the fate of everyone else in the world.

Let’s look at a scenario:

You call your favorite psychic and ask when you will meet the love of your life. They give you a timeline of 6 months and tell you it’s someone you wouldn’t expect. (Let’s forget for a moment that you just asked when you will meet…that alone doesn’t mean a relationship. I know people that met their love when they were in middle school but didn’t start a relationship until they were adults with children of their own)

You are excited, you’ve been so lonely for so long that you can hardly wait. You start looking around at the people in your life, could they be the one? What about that person? No, that person? Your six-month deadline is coming, and you are getting nervous, when will you meet them? So, you start to date someone you perhaps wouldn’t normally date because the psychic said it would be unexpected. But things don’t seem quite right. This is supposed to be the love of your life but a lot of the time you feel like you are settling. After months of dating the wrong person, trying to make it work, you break up and think that the psychic must have gotten it wrong. Because you were in a relationship you don’t notice the person that you are truly meant to be with. Now that person who was destined to meet you didn’t so their life path has now been altered as well. Maybe they have met someone else and entered a relationship. Maybe because they were single there was nothing to keep them in the area and they took a job out of town. Now you may never meet. You derailed your future by knowing what was to come and trying to make it happen in your time.

Any number of things can happen that have wide spread effects on the outcomes of timelines. Just because a psychic sees it today doesn’t mean that something won’t happen to change it. So remember, when talking to your psychic, even if/when given a timeline there is always the chance that a butterfly could be flapping its wings somewhere causing your prediction to be swept away in a tornado.   

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