Feather and Bone - Episode 54

• December 3rd, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 54 

Another podcast where we just ramble about nothing at all. 

RavenWynd has some pretty well thought out fantasies. Rain talks about some of her favorite adult themed pastimes. Its never fun to make fun of someone who can clap back 0-100. Rain cursed her cooking and RavenWynd was an innocent bystander. RavenWynd has connections in a dark underworld...but its not what you think. Rain is NOT interested in being involved in you torrid love affair. RavenWynd laughs at your vintage tarot cards. Rain and RavenWynd reminisce about their days working in the trenches of child welfare...its not that we think we're better than others, we just have higher standards. RavenWynd has a real beef to pick with USPS.  

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Feather and Bone - Episode 53

• November 26th, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 53 

RavenWynd and Rain React to an article about how witches are villains hiding behind every bush, waiting to ruin your life. #StrangerDanger #WickedWitch But do not despair! The guy who wrote the article has some magical resin that will protect you.  

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Feather and Bone - Episode 52

• November 19th, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 52


The King James version on the Bible is the remix. Rain is a night hag. RavenWynd would like to meet the demon lord. Killing babies out of retaliation...because that's what you do. No one wants a girl baby...they're disappointing. Lilith just want to ride cowgirl … maybe reverse cowgirl. Rain's ODD resulted in a sweet pumpkin painting.  

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Feather and Bone - Episode 51

• November 13th, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 51

Seven Principles of Witchcraft

RavenWynd needs a yarn intervention. Its a fine day when you find out your curse is working. I'm not saying our goal is to piss people off....Sometimes it just happens. Garages are for CARS! We talk about Vibration...you know where we went with that one. Rain and RavenWynd don't want to go to parties where there is going to be a kids corner...we need booze!

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Feather and Bone - Episode 50

• November 5th, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 50

Running our mouths about absolutely nothing. 

Rain made me break my promise. The next episode will be about witchcraft...I promise. 

Beauty shot. Cheryl. What happens when you eat all of your husband? Purple=Gino's. Bahaman Generic Medicine. Rain HATES people using LOL...she was triggered. Don't over use pet names in your relationships. Rain questions the validity of bus commute times. Metro Card Motherfucker. Text shorthand is getting out of control ROTFLMAO. LMMFAO. ………. and more randomness.    

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Feather and Bone - Episode 49

• October 29th, 2019

Feather and Bone - Episode 50 

October Series - West Virginia Spooky Happenings 

Mothman...of course. Cheese dip problems. Hatfield and McCoys. Adultery and murder. You can hear a dog drinking in the background, and then snoring! Lake Shawnee Amusement Park of LIES...and some ghosts. RavenWynd like her hauntings indoors. When scared RavenWynd can "run like the wind blows" (horrible Forest Gump impersonation) Booger Hole....BOOGER HOLE. Real female ghosts don't wear white.  

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Feather and Bone - Episode 48

• October 22nd, 2019

Feather and Bone - Episode 48

October Series - Mysterious Places 

We continue our October series by talking about some mysterious places. HH Holmes murder house, a hotel in California, and a bridge where dogs commit suicide. We also talk about Rain's love of Jesus wieners. WV Bamboo Forest. Doggy position isn't just for sex.  


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Feather and Bone - Episode 47

• October 15th, 2019

Feather and Bone - Episode 47

October Series - Types of Witches 

Solitary means alone...who knew? Rain would have killed her husband, that's why he wouldn't buy her an oleander plant. Rain thinks eating bad things in small portions makes it not so bad...and that would be true if she stopped at one. Don't eat a pineapple upside down cake unless you know RavenWynd made it. There are no current dead bodies in Big Ditch Lake...or are there? If you've ever wondered what a holler is...this is your chance to learn. This is WV guys...if you don't know the vocabulary you won't be able to tell the difference between Boomer Holler and Boomer Bottom. (yes...its a place) Erbacon Days … that's all I'm going to say about that. You don't want to trigger me...or Rain. We have PTSD. Erbacon PTSD.   

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Feather and Bone - Episode 46

• October 8th, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 46 

October Series - Samhain! 

We're talking about Samhain and its history. Rain is a Christmas Ho Ho Ho (get it). The veil is thinner this time of year, which means the spirits watch you poop. Rain hasn't seen Frighteners ?!?! Fuck, that dog is a demanding smelly pirate hooker. There is a difference between tentacles and testicles believe it or not. Peanut butter in the dick hole. Have you ever noticed that a shaved sack looks like a hairless mole rat? No...? Rain can only have Catholic Balls.  

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Feather and Bone - Episode 45

• October 2nd, 2019

Feather and Bone Episode 45 

Sex Magic Part Two 

Its long....and quite honestly a little flaccid. We strayed off topic sooo many times. Rain fixed herself a bagel. Laughed at RavenWynd burping. We talked about RavenWynd pooping at work... Rain ended up in the floor. Really... did we even talk about sex magic? We are not responsible for our content when we are tired.  

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